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Our Premium Services in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Our Premium Services in
Houston, Austin, Dallas

Whether you’re planning a dream Vacation or a conference in Houston or elsewhere in the US, Stafford Housing offers premium facilities not found elsewhere – our benchmarks are strictly our own. What makes us different and what makes us look different is our core belief in giving variety to our ideas and innovative approach in treating our customers royally. What is our standards for a regal treatment – innovate and change that would surpass the expectations of our guests. The focus still remains on the guest – what is the priority of the guest and what matches our standards is what we are expert at. We meticulously keep improving our standards, work ethics, designer profiles and our workforce motivation – we’re quite effective for the last one as guest loyalty comes with workforce loyalty for which we are known in the industry. Our services are at par with the industry’s standards and much further beyond the best names in the industry. We directly challenge and maintain our streak with our core services which exude satisfaction to our guests. Our core beliefs are reflected in our vision – to maintain the best hospitality presence in the region commensurate with the rare beauty concepts with richer interiors and sophisticated decor, unmatchable or at least unsurpassed for some time, though. Our services stand apart – for this we maintain a congenial work practices and we keep on improving these. We don’t believe in strictly monitoring with an iron hand, the best foliage is never grown with iron fists but with able hands. Stafford Housing – step in to experience a world of different amenities and friendly satisfaction.

Our Services

Luxury Airport Transfer in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing gives airport transfers for its Vacation Rentals guests who prefer to be treated royally and different than the rest. We maintain a high-class fleet of capable drivers who know the cities of US inside out and the rush hours too. So if you’re waiting to catch a flight and get on-board your private jet, Stafford Housing will whiz past the traffic clogs and you’ll be there without a hassle.Stafford Housing – not only just Corporate Housing but convenience at hand.

Car Buying Service in Dallas

The need for vacation rentals not only centers on accommodations during clients’ business or leisure trips in Dallas. At Stafford Housing, we understand that clients may also need expert opinion when making important purchases, especially when it comes to transportation. The ever-changing demands of clients have inspired us to extend our business by offering car purchasing services too.

Stafford Housing assists short-term housing Dallas clients in car purchase decision making. As our company does not have affiliation or partnerships with vehicle manufacturing companies or dealerships, we can help you make wise and sound auto purchase by eliminating conflicts of interest so you can get the best possible deal there is. As Stafford Housing is a truly customer-oriented company, we have your best interest in mind at all times. With utmost trust and integrity, we will help you find a vehicle that perfectly matches your needs as well as budget.

Stafford Housing boasts both experience and resources to help clients like you locate the best car that fits your requirements. Whether you are considering on purchasing a brand new car, or a second-hand vehicle, rest assured that are more than able to find the best possible deal on your behalf.

Our years of experience in customer service gives us the leverage to land you a sweet deal when purchasing vehicles either for business or personal use. We employ professionals highly-skilled in coordinating the process of purchasing vehicles, so clients experience a smooth and hassle-free car shopping experience.

Stafford Housing has extensive knowledge of the car-buying process, which ultimately results in clients becoming more confident in their purchasing decision. By providing crucial information about a vehicles brand and features, clients can make a more sensible purchasing decision, which in turn eliminates disappointment in the future. Stafford Housing car purchase services aims to offer great savings of both time and money to its clientele. Given that our experts are client advocates, we can guarantee a car purchase deal which will not only meet, but also exceed expectations.

For first-time auto buyers, Stafford Housing experts boast extensive knowledge of fundamentals of buying a car, including assessment of a car’s overall physical condition and performance, insurance requirements, and a dealership’s reputation too. Be it a brand new car, or a second-hand automobile, we will provide you with everything that you need to know, so you can make a car purchase decision that you will never regret. Stafford Housing will guarantee continuous support throughout the entire car shopping process so you are more confident about your very first car-purchasing decision.

Lastly, Stafford Housing promises expert assistance by negotiating great deals with car dealerships. Negotiating your own deal with sales people working for dealerships id undeniably frustrating. By working on your behalf, Stafford Housing does the leg work and negotiates a car purchase deal that fits your budget as well as your basic transportation needs too. You will never have to deal with car dealership tactics as Stafford Housing has the talent and skills to come up with a negotiable deal that you can afford.

Car Rental Service in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing arranges special limousine services for airport transfers and has a prepared fleet for round the clock guest transfers. Stafford Housing offers special car rental facility for its guests who wish to see around Houston and go beyond. We are very considerate towards the quality of vehicles for improved driving and touring experience. We love the countryside and we ensure best available and fit and brand new cars to give a pleasurable vacationing experience for our Business Travelers. From brand new cars to well maintained and slick and shiny cars – we take pride in the engine performance of our vehicles which are high-maintenance assets for our guests to go around the towns with mental freedom.

Child Care Service in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Clients oftentimes need assistance in looking for child care services that can take care of their children while being away from home, or during their stay at a corporate housing in Houston.

Clients who need to travel to Houston for business purposes find the most difficulty in searching for a reliable child care service that can attend to the needs of children. Vacation rentals guests end up taking their children with them during business trips, that which can be very stressful for both parents and children. Stafford Housing realizes this concern among its clientele, thus the company has expanded its menu of services by offering child care services too.

Visitors who opt to take children either for business or leisure trips can now relax as Stafford Housing not only offers luxurious corporate housing in Houston, but also child care services so parents can attend to work-related activities or visit tourists sports in the city without having to worry about the safety and welfare of their children altogether.

Stafford Housing has its own set of professionals knowledgeable and skilled in child care giving. These child caregivers boast extensive background in taking care of infants to pre-teenage adolescents. Children are to be watched over by caregivers, while parents are away for business meetings or other work-related activities.

Not only are children are taken care of by skilled professionals, they are also provided with learning and recreational activities, thus keeping them entertained during their short-term stay in Houston. In some instances, child care services may also include taking children of vacation rentals guests to child-friendly tourist spots and attractions in Houston. These activities ensure that children can have a memorable and fun time while their parents and guardians accomplish their business activities in Houston.

Child care services from Stafford Housing may also include the assistance in taking care of infants and newborns. Some clients who rent out short-term housing in Houston for work purposes find it necessary to bring their newborns with them during holidays and business trips. Newborns have total dependence on their parents, thus it is only necessary that they are given 100% care, especially during their first few months.

Child care services from Stafford Housing is staffed with newborn caregivers with extensive experience in the provision of needs among newborns. They are equipped with basics of feeding, bathing, and handling newborns. Stafford Housing clients need not worry about the safety of their newborns as they will be in caring hands while they take care of business affairs or enjoying a relaxing holiday in Houston.

The next time you need to make reservations for corporate housing in Houston, do not hesitate to ask details about the child care service they provide. The experts of Stafford Housing will be more than happy to coordinate a child day service just in time of your arrival in Houston.

City Guide in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Our Temporary Apartments visitors are provided with an extra map and the best 10-minute advice from our experienced and well-humored tourist guides who can guide you through the towns of the US. If you’re looking to go around Houston, or any other state in the US, without getting lost, just let us know and we’ll have all the coordinates set for you so that you’re never a stranger in a town. We’ll get you near to the best eateries, if you go lost but never hungry. Good food releases creativity for you to get back to your destination.

Driver’s License Service in Houston, Austin, Dallas

If you’re a good driver, head to the Formula 1 – but if you’re looking to go around in our slick cars, then do have an international license handy. The remaining paperwork will be done even before you arrive. We’ll need a copy of your international or local license to start processing for the US based license. Based on your objective and duration, temporary and permanent licenses can be arranged. Let Stafford Housing give you a reason to come and live in Short Term Temporary Apartments.

Driving Lessons in Houston

Clients who have made corporate housing reservations in Houston will be glad to know that Stafford Housing also offers driving lessons as one of its many crucial services. The state of Texas enforces the same set of guidelines for visiting drivers. However this is the case, the driving practices and etiquette commonplace in its cities may be very different from that of other states. For this reason, it is best for corporate housing Dallas guests to take up driving lessons in order for them to have a safe driving experience during their short stay in the city.

Stafford Housing offers driving lessons for vacation rentals guests, thus minimizing their risk of suffering from accidents or avoid violating basic traffic rules that are being implemented in Texas. Aside from US citizens living in other states, foreign visitors who are planning to rent out corporate housing from Stafford Housing will highly benefit from driving lessons as this service will educate guests on safety and basic traffic rules and regulations.

Stafford Housing employs the expertise of driving professionals in Houston to teach fundamental driving guidelines that need to be followed at all times to ensure a safe and memorable stay in Houston. For those who need driving lessons, Stafford Housing readily provides reading materials as well as useful links about road safety as well as maps that will help drivers in navigating the streets in and around Houston.

Our company aims at delivering a truly memorable short-term stay in Houston by offering driving lessons to those who opt to drive a rental car instead of transportation services. This service also ensures that visiting American citizens as well as foreign tourists do not encounter accidents or traffic violation issues that may result from lack of knowledge of basic traffic rules and regulations in Houston. Driving lessons from Stafford Housing also promote the initiatives of the state in enhancing road safety for both locals and visitors alike.

Self-drive business trips or leisure holidays are increasingly becoming commonplace in Texas. Driving on your own also presents a host of benefits. For one, self-driving allows visiting drivers to explore Houston in the most affordable way possible. Self-driving also enables vacation rentals guest to familiarize themselves with the city’s attractions and famous destinations; something that is extremely useful especially among those who plan on returning to Houston on a regular basis- be it for business or holiday purposes.

Offering driving lessons to clients of corporate housing Houston also uplifts visitor driver education, thus reducing the risk of accidents in Houston. Those who opt to drive around Houston with little to no knowledge of its basic traffic rules and regulations are most likely to encounter traffic-related issues which are not only time-consuming but very expensive too.

The instructors as well as traffic law experts from Stafford Housing can deliver exceptional driving lessons that no other company can offer. This added service also guarantees a great visitor experience, thus attracting more business and tourists in Houston too!

Grocery Shopping Service in Austin

Grocery Shopping Service Completes the Ultimate Vacation Experience in Fully Furnished Apartments in Austin

Making a reservation in one of the many luxurious fully furnished apartments in Austin is only the beginning of a memorable business trip or holiday experience in this vibrant Texas metropolis. If you want to make use of time wisely, you may want to take advantage of the grocery shopping services that Stafford Housing offers to its clientele.

For people visiting Austin for business purposes, shopping for grocery supplies is the last thing on their agenda. Clients who have rented out furnished apartments in Austin for a short period of time may find it necessary to have their own grocery items in stock to ensure they can make their own meals at their home away from home. Grocery supplies that include toiletries and other home essentials are considered requirements by vacation rentals guests, as majority of them choose to pack light, and instead purchase necessities in Austin instead.

Lack of time and packed schedule however disables clients from going to the supermarket to buy grocery essentials. This is where Stafford Housing can help by extending its grocery shopping services to clients who choose to make use of grocery items in cooking their own meals and taking care of other personal needs.

Grocery Shopping Service Guarantees Home Away from Home Experience

Clients who opt to stay in fully-furnished apartments in Austin are more discerning that the average tourists, they demand that the supplies they use during their short stay are just as luxurious and convenient as their temporary housing accommodations.

In this regard, vacation rentals guests may require for meals to be prepared at home, and supplies they use during their stay are of excellent quality as well. Grocery shopping solves this problem, as guests are presented with the option of selecting products from their favorite brands, ranging from food items, toiletries, to other personal items that they use regularly.

Save Money with Grocery Shopping Services

The grocery shopping services being offered by Stafford Housing saves clients a great deal of money as well. Vacation rentals guests have the financial capacity to afford luxurious corporate housing in Austin, but this doesn’t mean that they can be practical consumers too. Wise and practical clients are aware of the fact that shopping for grocery items for home-cooked meals will enable them to enjoy huge savings. Instead of going out to restaurants in Austin, visitors may simply opt for grocery shopping services that let them cook their favorite meals at the comfort of their home away from home.

Grocery Shopping Services Promotes Efficient Time Management for Clients

Grocery shopping services from Stafford Housing saves clients precious time too. For businessmen who stay in short-term housing in Austin, time is of the essence. Shopping for their own grocery items in a foreign city is not only nerve racking, but is time consuming as well. As these people have packed schedules during their stay, they will need an efficient service that can deliver their basic grocery needs. With grocery shopping services, grocery items are delivered promptly so clients can focus on attending to meetings and other work-related activities too.

Handbook Services

Child care or day care is the care of a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardians, typically performed by someone outside the child’s immediate family. Day care is typically an ongoing service during specific periods, such as the parents’ time at work. The service is known as child care in the United Kingdom and Australia and child care or day care in North America (although child care also has a broader meaning). Child care is provided in nurseries or creches or by a nanny or family child care provider caring for children in Corporate Apartments Houston. It can also take on a more formal structure, with education, child development, discipline and even preschool education falling into the fold of services.

Insurance Service in Austin

Insurance products are crucial elements in developing a sound financial plan. Regardless of insurance type, whether it is life insurance, home insurance, health insurance, or travel insurance, all of these products offer peace of mind as well as security that most definitely need.

Although insurance products are generally inexpensive, consumers should find the need to look for offerings that are well worth their time and money. It is also due to the affordable nature of insurance products that consumers should not have an excuse for not having one.

With an insurance policy under your name, you will have high sense of comfort knowing that personal financial assets and your welfare and that of loved ones are protected at all times. Stafford Housing is well aware of the importance of insurance, and that’s why they are also offering insurance consulting services to short-term Housing Austin clients too.

Protecting yourself from financial losses as well as liability from unfortunate events is easy if you have an insurance under your name. The critical role that insurance plays in the lives of consumers inspired Stafford Housing in delivering expert insurance consulting services too.

Whether you are looking to purchase car rental insurance during your short business or leisure trip to Austin, or are looking for a life insurance policy, you can readily depend on Stafford Housing. Its pool of experts have extensive background on all insurance products available, so they can assist you in selecting the right coverage that matches not only your insurance needs, but budget too.

In the case of vacation rentals clients that are off to a business or leisure trip to Austin, Stafford Housing offers expert opinion when selecting between travel insurance policies. Finding the right type of travel insurance is tedious. This is especially true for travelers who are busy preparing for their upcoming trip. If you have made reservations for any of the short-term housing Austin offers, you should also make inquiries about travel insurance- a policy that plays an important role in delivering protection as well as peace of mind among travelers.

The skilled staff of Stafford Housing will help you find the right travel insurance for you and the rest of your travel group too. We will equip you with ample knowledge for travel insurance purchase, as well as assistance in coming up with a coverage that is formulated to perfectly match your needs.

The Stafford Housing Insurance consulting services extends it assistance by helping clients with processing insurance applications. We will work closely with clients by making the process short and hassle-free. This gives consumers the ability to get the insurance they require, while preparing for a new adventure to a new destination. Even before you start enjoying your vacation, Stafford Housing guarantees that insurance applications are submitted, and will be approved before a client can start rest and relaxation during short term housing stay in Austin, Texas.

Language Instructions in Houston, Austin, Dallas

If you’re new to the US and plan to visit places where second languages are preferential like West of the US is dominated with Spanish linguistic, allow Stafford Housing to guide you with instructions and provide you with manuals to handle day-to-day transactions and dealing in foreign language areas. At Stafford Housing Furnished Apartments we maintain multi-cultural outlook with employees coming from various ethnicity, helping people to leverage with the advantage we are so sure of. So if you’re looking for a Spanish culinary delight in town – let us know and our language advisers will treat you to the Spanish bliss.

Medical Facilities in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing can provide for medical aid and facilities at its premises to its Corporate Housing visitors, guests and healthcare tourists. Stafford Housing is smart enough to accommodate modern facilities at its premises to facilitate and help our visitors to experience specialized and personalized quality service with high comfort value.

Meet and Greet Service in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing is all-in-one hospitality concept in the US offering enhanced but personalized services, much more than what traditional five star acclaimed hotels claim to offer. Our meet and greet service allows our customers to be taken care of even before they land or take off – from chauffeur driven limousines to airport transfers to relocating to the best Vacation Rentals and locating the Corporate Apartments – Stafford Housing has all done under one umbrella. Fast, reliable, quality service and on-time morning newspaper with bed tea – an offer hard to resist.

On-call Assistance in Dallas

If you are planning on taking that much-deserved R&R in Dallas, be sure to make your reservations with Stafford Housing. The company offers corporate housing in Dallas; all of which boast luxurious interior design and modern-amenities that guarantee comfort and convenience to its guests.

Aside from providing a wide selection of fully-furnished apartments in Dallas, Stafford Housing also offers a host of additional services that meet the diverse needs of its clientele. One excellent service that is signature to Stafford Housing is its on-call assistance service. This additional service is not only offered to Dallas vacation rentals guests, but those who plan on visiting other states of the United States.

On-call assistance essentially familiarizes people about basic information and events in Dallas, Texas. Everything that you need to know about Dallas, from its famous local landmarks, hip restaurants, and famous social events, are readily provided by Stafford Housing. Providing these sets of information enables short-term guests to improve their overall experience of staying in Dallas.

On-call assistance also facilitates the acquisition of services of vacation rentals clients from local businesses as well. Stafford Housing coordinates with local businesses so clients are guaranteed with quality products and services too. For instance, clients may need assistance on finding a reliable dry cleaner in Dallas. Stafford Housing comes to the rescue by referring clients to the best dry cleaning service locations nearest to the location of guests.

On-call assistance also include information about popular guided tours that are being held in Dallas on a regular basis. Corporate housing guests who are interested in learning about the history and local culture in Dallas can make use of on-call services to connect with local companies that offer guided tours to the different sights and sees in Dallas.

Another service feature of on-call assistance is that of providing an easy-to-understand guide to Dallas. Information offered by Stafford Housing ranges from best restaurants, museums, art exhibits, and tourist attractions that vacation rentals guests may want to visit during their stay in Dallas.

Finally, on-call assistance offers updated information about social events and functions in Dallas. For businessmen who would like to expand their reach and connections, developing awareness about important social functions in Dallas will prove to be beneficial in the future. On the other hand, corporate housing guests on a holiday trip to Dallas will find value in events information from on-call assistance as this allows them access to information about the best places to hang out or go clubbing in Dallas, or rub elbows with VIPs and politicians too.

What is so great about the on-call assistance from Stafford Housing is the fact that this can be obtained and used at any time of the day. The 24/7 on-call assistance will definitely make your stay in Dallas extremely convenient and comfortable too! Lastly, on-call assistance will help you in formulating an interesting and fun-filled itinerary, so you can maximize your time relaxing or spending quality time with friends and family.

School Services in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Quality college education is crucial in the success of an individual. In order to succeed in the highly-competitive job market, your children should enroll at only the best universities and college in the United States. As the saying goes, “Everything is Bigger in Texas.” This somewhat applies to its educational system, as the state of Texas is where you’ll find some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the country. If you want your children to be ready for the challenging ride ahead, better encourage them to enroll in the best universities and colleges that can only be found in Texas.

If you live in another state and would like to check out the best schools in Texas, you may want to make reservations in one of the many fully furnished apartment in Houston from Stafford Housing. Instead of checking in hotels, staying at elegant corporate housing in Houston is a better option. Furnished apartments in Houston feature the same excellent amenities as well as services as hotels. The only difference between these two short-term accommodations is that corporate housing delivers homier and cozier experience to its guests.

If you and your children will be looking at admission to various universities in Texas, call Stafford Housing to reserve a short term housing in Houston. The company has luxurious accommodations across Houston, so clients have the opportunity to choose a housing option in excellent locations. Staying at a furnished home also ensures privacy, as opposed to staying in hotels that are usually filled with fellow travelers as well. If you value peace and quiet during your travel to Texas, then make reservations with Stafford Housing today!

College search is both fun and frustrating. Besides offering beautiful corporate housing with world-class amenities, Stafford Housing also assist clients visiting in Houston for college search purposes vital information as well as details about the best universities in Houston and in other cities across Texas. This added service from Stafford Housing helps parents and children narrow down their option to colleges and universities that are considered to be the best of the best. College information from Stafford Housing saves time as well as money, while ensuring children are going to be receiving exceptional educational quality on a regular basis.

School information services by Stafford Housing also includes assisting teenage children of clients to accurately assess themselves-to establish an awareness of strengths and weakness, resulting in successful admission to the best universities of the United States.

With schooling information, Stafford Housing aims to achieve the following goals:

          •        Help children in identifying their very own safety, reach, and stretch with accurate school information.

          •        Identify the best colleges in Houston that deliver endless opportunities to it students.

          •        Provide details on various college environments, making it easier for kids to reach academic success in the future.

          •        Provide information on scholarships awarded to children with excellent academic grades, and those playing varsity for their school.

          •        Significantly improve chances of employment by taking up a course in some of the top universities in the country.

Stafford Housing will deliver sound, expert advice in every step of the way!

Schooling Information in Houston

The best of education can be found in the Houston districts. Year round, many students fly into the city for better career prospects. We at Stafford Housing have started counselling people and parents to guide their children to the best academic avenues. We value your money and investment for starting a full grown and an exceptional career for your offspring is as vital for you as for your child. Stafford Housing provides schooling information in Furnished Apartments Houston to help parents understand what suits their children. Houston has education districts which showcase the best education quality one could possibly desire. World class education with global standard is the hallmark of Stafford Housing. Step in and we will guide you to a better prospective future.

Social Security Number in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Visitors and tourists coming to Houston and the US do not require a social security number, even Business Travelers. But if you’re traveling under J-1 category which relates to academic duties and commitments, a social security number will be applied for. Stafford Housing is an international housing expert – knowing the category and classes people use to enter and visit the US, our experience can aid you in securing your social security number, if applicable. Our help, our advice will give you the freedom to avoid the hassles ordinary people might come across. Let us know the status of your visa – Stafford Housing will spare the inconvenience.

Social Security Office Service in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing has expert advisers who take care of various immigration related issues and concerns – our experts are well versed to get you through to our Corporate Apartments Houston with total commitment and responsibility. In short, the paper work is quite a tiresome workout for just anyone. We believe in giving the royal and regal treatment – leave the paperwork for us and the rest will be taken care of. Visa status, visa paper work, immigration processing, Social Security pass initiation, security pass issuance, etc. – all can be handled without sweating it out too much.

Spousal Assistance in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Spousal assistance requires supporting a family in case of family dispute or disparity caused by unavoidable consequences including domestic abuse. Stafford Housing offers to help people and families to reunite together and it helps family members to settle down in Temporary Apartments with employment if any or both are jobless to support one another or themselves. Stafford Housing has a strong corporate social responsibility for public welfare – supporting causes domestically and regionally to allow families to grow and prosper together. If you’re looking for counseling, or searching for a job for your spouse or just an advice, Stafford Housing can manage its resources to help you out in the maximum.

Welcome Handbook

Since we have varied properties and Furnished Apartments in the US, we allow our guests and visitors to know where they could avail our services in various cities. This will give our guests to change and alter their travel plans and avail our other apartments for diverse travel and vacations’ experience keeping the luxury and comfort booked and in place. Our handbook covers the information about the location, our services, facilities, service add-ons and recreation options provided with our Furnished Apartments.