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Relaxing the Stafford Housing way is way too generous in traditional terms, living out of Stafford Housing apartment is a high statement of executive luxury some of our select clients have the luxury of. Stafford Housing selects its clients carefully as it does its apartments in the US.

Our statement and signature is prestige and comfort. The highest of illustrious luxury reflects from our apartments with the premium facilities unprecedented even in the leading hospitality brands.

Our comfort levels are way beyond exceptional as our limited edition apartments feature high-styled design and architecture which define the standards in comfort and luxury. The majestic setting and environs are unique to Stafford Housing – our Corporate Apartments and condos are specifically very private and only for special guests whom we think deserve special treatment.

We feature designer and limited apartments adorned with the most classic facilities including private rooms, king sized royal beds, internet facilities, corporate conferencing, spas and treatment bars, cocktail cafes, recreational and workout gyms, reading rooms, and leading technology enabled Furnished Apartments with modern and designer furniture.

We don’t compromise on space – our apartments are not overly huge but royally very spacious, with installed comfort at every step. The décor is expensive in our units which leave a feeling of aristocracy. Our guest will imbibe the environs from within to find and immerse in the statement of comfort and luxury per se.