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Industries we worked with.

Corporate Housing for Various Industries
in Houston, Austin, Dallas

At Stafford Housing, we believe in creating a culture of its own, not blending or mixing with the traditional way of accomplishments.

Our ideas are accomplishments per se. While considering our proposal for various guests – we have developed a whole new penchant for accommodating various industries. The reason is quite apparent – different industries demand diverse talent and tastes of people from different walks of life. Such diversity cannot be settled within a single commercial platform, which results in monotony – which is not our way of doing and accomplishing things. Stafford Housing is just not a name in hospitality – our diverse industry approach allows us to innovate and personalize much more closely to understand how our guests want to spend their quality time in Corporate Housing.

At Stafford Housing we ensure, everything goes as the guest would want to expect at home. A royal treatment. Regal treatment cannot be monotonous. We tend to keep changing, experimenting with ideas and brainstorming behind the scenes. Our workforce is diligently intelligent in forming ideas to appeal just anyone, not only the contenders of the industry.

Since we believe in innovation and change, our brand and approach caters to many industries – from Oil and Gas to Retail sector, from busy consultants to professors of Universities, the rich blend is carefully carved and preserved within the boundaries of Stafford Housing. How we do it is better left for our contenders to think and compete. But for our guests it is an open secret – the cocktail will just not be a cocktail, it will be a blend of Corporate Apartments in Houston and freshness and that is what we offer when we quote luxury.

Tourism Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Houston is the perfect vacationing or Business Travel destination for global visitors – attracting millions of tourist to the city for entertainment, fun and business. Stafford Housing is a perfect advisory for getting the best deals for Vacation Rentals for families and corporate executives seeking a break from urban life hectic schedules.

The apartments for vacations are a separate benchmark with no metropolitan influence allowed from any corner. Laid besides the miles open beaches and roaring and tranquil seaside, Stafford Housing has the perfect recipe to unite families and executives with the nature.

Come and meet the nature’s best gift kept far secret from the commercial motives and plunge into the bliss of quality vacations.

Telecommunications Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

A dynamic industry with a growing domain globally – Telecom industry is the melting pot of the world to connect, interact and share business objectives. The big industry is growing at a pace unprecedented. Stafford Housing offers well connected broadband services to its Vacation Rentals guest with high-class business services.

Our conferencing service is world class amenity, given to our customers at affordable rates. Our guests never run out of business or making a business call – we provide land line and leading VoIP services for our clients to stay connected globally.

Our business centers are managed with high-end technology bringing web connectivity by the bedside. Business with pleasure is our notion which brings our customers seeking primary workplace added with the perfect recipe of personalized comfort and luxury.

Our Corporate Apartments offer privacy yet technological superiority with internet, Wi-Fi and high-speed modern Telecom gadgetry to help our clients to conduct business while on money-for-value vacations.

Sports Industry in Houston

We at Stafford Housing enjoy sports events and promote coverage and projection of sheer talent on merit. Sports are the lifeline of nations and we stand for the best talent showcasing in any area of rich sports. Houston is home to major football and rugby teams – emerging from the universities and the counties to compete on the regional, local and national level. Some of the best talent has surfaced from Houston. Basketball is our favourite sport – we arrange seasonal tournament coverage at our lodges and Corporate Apartments, covering the events through digital media. World class amenities, lots of dining and fun to enjoy the matches on big screens. Stafford Housing arranges promotional lodgings at its sophisticated yet Luxury Apartments to give the lasting tournament entertainment throughout the season. Stafford Housing also arranges for athletic competitions by providing affordable rates on its regal apartments – attracting tourists to experience high life and high energy of Houston.

Retail Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing provides high-end urban lifestyle apartments with modern day facilities to cover all the needs one would desire away from home. Our Corporate Housing are furnished with lifestyle furnishings and contemporary style, matching the trends of the homely style.

Yet we don’t compromise on our quintessential interior decor, we employ perfect blend and mixture of colour, location and access of our apartments to render the regal touch. Added with world class facilities, our Furnished Apartments are the preferred units for corporate clients to stay for their business commitments.

We offer retail and contract based high-end plush apartments to our regular corporate clients with the best facilities under one roof. Step in to the ultimate living experience – the Houston lifestyle.

Relocation Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing leads the region in speedier, safer, secure and reliable relocation activity with special attention given to size, durability and valuable materials and belongings to be shifted around the U.S. Stafford Housing gives relocation expertise to move Corporate Suites and Furnished Apartments to complete safety and with proper arrangements to destinations. Stafford Housing covers the whole of US at preferred rates and quality of service which is personalized and expertly handled with near zero loss service priority.

Our skilled movers and workers are quite intelligent and smart to assess the mobility requirement to move the goods. Additionally our workers are trained to provide the best packing for the goods to be moved – which highlight the prowess we have to match the international standards. Safety standards and upkeep of the goods is our main priority – the vehicles we use are not contracted but owned by Stafford Housing to ensure personalized transportation.

Oil and Gas Industry in Houston

Houston is the Oil and Gas capital of the world – inviting nations to feed their oil productions and plan the oil consumption. Stafford Housing is associated with the industry with treating the high selection taste of the oil and gas industry. The royal and aristocracy is the signature benchmark for oil executives.

Stafford Housing know how to pamper and treat their black gold owners to the gallery – mixing finesse and art is the theme Stafford Housing has architected in the lofty and supreme extravagance. Stafford Housing apartments feature rich indulgence and corporate superiority technically engineered into the ambiance leaving a feeling of freshened enthusiasm and the sheer energetic indulgence only the preferred guests deserve.

Automated features and amenities matching the royal magnificence, the regal touch to our Furnished Apartments is never amiss from our attention. Utmost care is given to interiors and the settings, which resemble nothing less than majestic and sophistication. The art and style of sophistication is what we master in our Executive Apartments – the right regal touch is just an experience, found only in Houston. Experience the finesse, the royalty and the magnificence in the true spirit – let the world of marvel just open up with Stafford Housing.

Law Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing reserves specially designed condos and Corporate Apartments to help lawyers and clients to take refuge in maximum and liberated comfort to tackle technical and complex issues. The Executive Apartments we offer are complete in their sense to provide the seclusion and the harmony to aid better understanding of corporate commitments – the Corporate Housing and the services are designed meticulously to give an aristocratic feel to the law professionals. Nothing short of law chambers, Our Services and units are abundantly very secure, calm and serene, locked away from the urban metro life, giving much space to breathe easier and contemplate. To make it more loving and settling – the facilities are modern, updated and a world apart. Not overly luxurious, but aptly maintained, quality housekeeping and ample room for one to perform in a relaxed mode. Clients and lawyers would find familiarity and a commonality reflecting from within the interiors and furnishings, well-designed by reputed designers who understand how the law intellect would interact at what frequency. The exuberant interiors are well adorned with classy furnishings meant just for the senior executives to get the royal yet calmly feeling they so desire. Step in and win the cases with style and confidence – Stafford Housing sets the tone.

Insurance Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing brandishes limited edition world-class Corporate Apartments for insurance professionals in the heart of the corporate corridor of Houston. The central district, which is home to major global brands and companies, Stafford Housing has prepared an oasis of serenity and calmness to slow down and tone down the frazzled insurance guys who are worked up bottom up. Better decision making is just not possible without an ambiance which interprets every mood that is tickled with artistry of our architecture which dominates our Temporary Furnished Apartments and environment – the signature is a blend of toned down interiors with high-specs environment, readily unwinding the stress the moment our visitor steps in. High quality service, the carefully selected furnishings, the best comfort definition starting from the coffee served at the lounge besides the foyer and the natural foliage our gardeners have meticulously grown with your supreme comforting desire in mind. Right from the softened and well lined up beds and reading sofas to let you unfold the mental unease with your favorite section of the local newspaper under the dimmed soft light of the reading lamp flashing just above your head. Focus, decisions are always a by-product of comfort – Stafford Housing uses its finesse in ingenuity to understand how luxury will mesmerism your feelings. Step in and experience a whole new horizon, carved out just for the imaginations to unravel and unfold with the deepest comfort one would always desire every day after a hectic job. Let Houston mesmerise you and settle within you.

Healthcare Industry in Houston

Stafford Housing has exceptional finesse in placing its valued customers visiting Houston for utilizing best healthcare facilities. Providing the world-class facilities to stay near the modern healthcare units in Houston, Stafford Housing has special arrangement to help visitors get easier access to best healthcare facilities. Stafford Housing has booked specially planned Furnished Apartments units falling in the areas of healthcare cities and zones. The Executive Apartments are designed to cater the comfort and ease of use for the guests. Simplistic designs, attractive decor, beautifully designed interiors with high blend mixtures of soothing colors and spaciousness give our visitors the feeling of peaceful reunion with oneself. The Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical facility in Houston, is a primary destination for quality medical treatment and Houston converges as healthcare tourism capital. Stafford Housing catered to this need by accommodating the visitors by supplying units and apartments in close proximity to healthcare centers in Houston. Notable location, spectacular views, best facilities including internet, spa, spacious rooms, well-done housekeeping, personalized services, high quality ambiance, soothing and comfortable lighting – equally spectacular city skyline views, easy access to shopping arenas, fine dining around the Furnished Apartments, 24/7 security, Newspaper reading rooms, corporate conferencing room and business portfolio management. All this but not without the favorite cocktails and best music traditions under one roof. Houston awaits the excitement to charge within you.

Government and Military Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing has special arrangements for accommodating high ranked government and military officials at its Corporate Apartments ensuring higher security measures and safety procedures preceding the stylishly decorated and ornamented Furnished Apartments. Our apartments feature chic and modern style living with corporate settings to allow our visitors to conduct official commitments from our web technology-integrated and high-connectivity conferencing directly available from our Corporate Housing. Blending luxury with corporate presence, our high-speed global connectivity, gives our visitors the ease of accessing global corporate requirements – our personalized housing solutions are highly modern with state of the art technologies working on modern synchronization. Stafford Housing also supports Corporate Arrangements helping guests to stay connected with business round the clock. Upon that, our service quality also adds dynamics to help our guests to receive business updates in offline modes too. Stafford Housing – your second home and your foremost corporate signature.

Entertainment Industry in Houston

Chic lifestyle and modern marriage with style is what Houston offers – nature’s best gift to the world for promoting the intellectual faculty of creating the best blend of entertainment. Stafford Housing creates one of the best blends of high-end abstract decor and the finishing at its Corporate Housing apartments are not only quintessentially unique but a class innovated on its own, attracting art and entertainment lovers to feel completely at home and release the excitement of creativity from within the exhorts of premier comfort unmatched and unparalleled Luxury Apartments of Stafford Housing. Located near the entertainment centers of Houston, the properties offer greater liberties and exceptional access to world-class facilities and some class entertainment retreats in Houston, allowing maximum freedom to visitors to showcase their objectives and talent.

Furnished Apartments set with personalized attention to fine setting to leave a feel and warmth of oneness, one may so desire to connect and touch with nature’s own ingenuity of beauty and charm we are so known about. Step in to the warmth and the charm of our welcoming culture – let’s get started and entertain the world.to fine setting to leave a feel and warmth of oneness, one may so desire to connect and touch with nature’s own ingenuity of beauty and charm we are so known about. Step in to the warmth and the charm of our welcoming culture – let’s get started and entertain the world.

Engineering Industry in Houston

Engineering is the oldest profession of the world which commands respect. Stafford Housing knows how to commend and give respect to the industry of creative professionals who have molded the fates of industries and still bring the world to awe. Engineers love Houston, the oil capital of the world. Houston houses the leading oil giants operating from the metropolitan. Stafford Housing has kept the best known secrets to pamper the engineers with ultimate Furnished Corporate

Apartments adorned with minimalist statement in the interiors with finest decorum one would find anywhere to soothe the mental discomfort picked along the way. Stafford Housing provides the best recluses and hideouts to unwind and unleash the power of creativity within the idealistic settings one would desire – the best engineering defaults will see changing into miracle ideas once you submerse in one of our luxury lifestyle apartments, opening up discretionary intellect to unfold. Step in to the statement luxury and charm of Houston – the city was never this exciting, relaxing and soothing. A claim that has stood the test of time and the hardest critics are now our best customers. Stafford Housing is your mental faculty opening up before you.

Education Industry in Houston

The best feature and stroke of fate happening to a fortunate population is simply the best standards in education. Any amount of investment in education is never much and the returns are long lasting and of a lifetime. Stafford Housing respects the profession in education and it has specially arranged some of the exceptional apartments beautifully set with world class ambiance and facilities that would stump the concrete-hard minds with splendid splash of comforting interiors and plush environs to set off the creative side.

Stafford Housing knows how to connect you with your recreational side and ignite the creativity of passion within the comforts of the soul that you’ll experience within our home-like and carefully decorated Furnished Apartments. Step in to tranquility and meet yourself. Our Corporate Apartments zones also fall within the vicinity of leading Houston based universities and School districts. Step in and educate the mind with serenity.

Consulting Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Houston is a city to oil industry and IT economy fueling rapid growth globally. That sees a growing influx of skilled consultants passing through using Houston as a gateway. Houston had 573,028 delegates attending conventions and business confines in 2012 which includes consultants and advisers travelling to Houston. 9.2 million visitors are Houston’s guests every year. Stafford Housing is Corporate Housing leader in Houston, catering / offering premium hospitality with high quality service and Luxury Living with style. The unique feature with Stafford Housing properties is the locations carefully picked, giving cosmopolitan touch to every lifestyle living. Right from internet connectivity to the soft confines in the personalized bedroom, everything is set with best moods to touch base at convenience. So if you’re coming out of busy meetings, hectic programming codes, mind-crunching deadlines and a frazzled client – Stafford Housing offers the extraordinary comfort with the perfected luxury. Facilities that surpass all the crammed up stresses to totally unwind amidst the perfect harmony, not found elsewhere in Houston. Submerse, absorb the royal feeling while you read away the ramblings in today’s weekly and put up your feet and hang your boots. Once you’re in, there’s no looking back and luxury doesn’t deserve any exit strategy.

Construction Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing can answer the call of the construction executives with the best comfort zones and apartments one would find in Houston at a price that swivels around economy and affordability. The construction industry is a growing dynamic for the economy – the professionals to undergo extreme work and deadline pressures twisting the normal routine life. Away from the hectic schedules and workday pressures – Stafford Housing has prepared the perfect hideouts from Luxury Apartments to private studios – furnished with perfected décor and adornments. With supreme luxury in mind, the comfort level is always our prime to settle our engineers. Our Furnished Apartments speak of chic and modern style lifestyle, in contrast to the machinations of the heavy industrial mode of construction. If you’re looking for a perfect hideout with comfort statement – let the engineering experience stay aside and allow yourself to submit to total peace and tranquillity. The 5 star treatments await the architects of economy.

Banking Industry in Houston, Austin, Dallas

Stafford Housing reserves the best apartments with the unique royal feel and plush interiors for the bankers – an industry which fuels the glamour and growth of the other industries. Stafford Housing has Temporary Furnished Apartments options with facilities to pamper and settle the moods of the hassled minds of the corporate gurus. At Stafford Housing we understand what aristocracy of the money makers feels like – interiors which speak of elegance and quintessential upgrade, the vastness of the décor and the classic touch to every style that will immerse the senses in the deepest serenity. Corporate high life mixed with premier luxury recluse renders the prime comfort statement for bankers. To know where and what signature locations are reserved for select banking names – do write to us at [email protected]