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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Stafford Housing LLC is the trade name of Stafford Housing LLC. Stafford Housing LLC makes it incumbent upon itself to ensure your privacy is strictly secure.

The Privacy Policy will detail out how we secure your data about you and use it and how you can instruct us to limit, if you prefer, the use of your private information and related procedures that we have defined to safeguard and protect your privacy.

1. Information collected and how it is used

Whenever you will register with STAFFORD HOUSING website, our reporting structure is designed in a way that it will require you to input your details like – name, e-Mail address(es), contact numbers and areas (geographical) which are of interest to you and other sector and areas which are of interest to you.

The research reports compile the requirements you have given, after the registration process – thereon the reports are processed with results that you requested. Periodically, some of the unimportant and not so private information of our customers is supplied, on temporary apartments, to customer service monitoring agencies to conduct an audit about our services for further divisional improvement in the aforementioned areas.

Occasionally, the agents and our sub-contractors may approach you by e-Mail, telephone calls or by post to obtain your feedback of our services. During the registration, you probably might have expressed your interest in receiving third party services’, products information and special features updates about our website and services which could be of interest to you.

If you want to discontinue receiving such updates, kindly notify us with a blank email message to [email protected] We could provide your information, with your consent and expressed interest, to receive products and services’ information from third parties, to third parties to send your regular and periodic updates. If you choose to discontinue, kindly notify us with an email to [email protected] 

2. How your information is PROTECTED

Various security measures, sometimes strict and sometimes lesser complex, are put in place to serve this policy of protecting your information on the web – which is an insecure medium. takes the privacy of its customers very very dearly. The personal information is protected in high security server facilities. The procedures followed strictly monitor storage, access and information disclosure clauses – which is enforced with an advanced degree.

3. Sale of business

If the business is sold to prospective buyers or merged with other businesses, your information and details might be shared with advisors and/or the prospective buyers. While your information will then be passed on to the new owners of the website as their business property but without any stated compromise on privacy of our customers.

4. Updating your details

If any of your information requires an update in our records – kindly send us an email to [email protected] or notify us by post to 8901 Marmora Road, Glasgow, DO4 89GR.

5. Your consent

With the submission of your information, you agree, explicitly or implied, by the terms and conditions expressed and detailed in this Policy. Should there be any change or modifications in the working of the clauses of this Policy, we shall notify you by putting up notices on various pages of the website, to give you the awareness of the changes on how we collect and use your information.

You shall also be notified by email about the latest policy changes, for you to either consent or reject our way of using your information. Service utility continuity will imply acceptance of any such modifications. As information crosses regional boundaries, varied information security legislation are imposed which might not have a proper or similar data protection infrastructure to match and support our mechanism and legislation as set out in this Policy.

Keeping this in view, we have taken several measures to ensure improved data information security is functioning. If you generate a request outside the legislative boundaries of Houston, to our agent offices, your information will be shared with them. However, your information and data will still be subject to’s security procedures.

6. How to contact Stafford Housing

Your comments are highly valued by us. You can communicate your views, queries, suggestions and feedback on our Privacy Policy through an email to [email protected]