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Terms of use

Terms of use

This website is owned by Stafford Housing of 5090 Richmond Avenue #498, Houston Texas 77056. Stafford Housing is the trade name of Stafford Housing. Using this website you consent to the terms and conditions below. 

1 Disclaimer 

We take reasonable care to ensure information on the website is accurate and up to date. While we are independent in modifying, changing the details and contents of the website on unsolicited basis.

We recommend you to check the terms and conditions for changes whenever you log onto our website. Stafford Housing supplies this website and its information on “as-is” basis. 

The website makes no representation, warranties or guarantees of any kind with respect to the website or the content contained within it (which includes texts, graphics, advertisements, measurements, links or any other item). The website also disclaims all such representations, warranties and guarantees.

Opinions expressed on the website are independent of facts. And we are also free of any representation of warranties, conditions, undertakings or terms either explicit or implied related to the condition, quality, the performance, accuracy, suitability, fitness for purpose, completeness and / or freedom from viruses of the content displayed on the website. And that we don’t take the responsibility on the quality, accuracy, and relevancy, uninterrupted and up-to-date nature of the content within the website. No content, opinion, fact or any kind of information, link shall be regarded, assumed or taken as financial advice or suggestion.

The information, also, doesn’t serve as an invitation to invest in the interest of Stafford Housing PLC and may not be depended or relied upon in any way with any decision related to investment.

The services mentioned and listed on the website are relevant and available to persons in the United States for the following company: Stafford Housing. And accordingly, the information contained within about the company and business does not solicit a person outside of United States and must not be deemed as actionable by such persons. 

2 Indemnity 


But in case of liability for any loss, death or personal injury resulting from negligence or from fraudulent misrepresentation, we and all other contributors for this website, hereby disclaim to the fullest and complete extent which permitted by law all and any liability for any form of loss or damage occurring, including any consequential, circumstantial or in any way, the indirect loss(es) or damage incurred by you, whether occurring and arising through misrepresentation or tort, contract or otherwise, and arising out of or in relation to or in connection with your access to or use of or inability to use this website. 

3 Intellectual Property 

All the copyrights and content belong exclusively to Stafford Housing. You are permitted to take a permanent copy of or in any way reproduce this website and its content in any form or mode.

You are also not permitted in any way to reproduce or incorporate this website and its content, in any way, into any other medium or any other website.

You may, but retain or print or cache temporary copies of the content for your personal but non-commercial use. Though, Stafford Housing welcomes third party links on its website. But if, when required, in writing, requested by Stafford Housing, links must be deleted and removed from the website within 24 hours. Stafford Housing and the logo for Stafford Housing are exclusive trademarks registered in the name of Stafford Housing PLC in the United State of America, applicable and enforced in other parts of the world.

Reproduction, save for educational and personal non-commercial use, of these trademarks other than to view the website is strictly prohibited. Anything and nothing on the site should be assumed and interpreted as grating of any license or rights to use and distribute the content of the site without prior express written agreement. 

4 Interruptions and Omissions in This Service 

We ensure continued support to maintaining the standards of the website at a higher level, for this, the internet is not always the stable medium.

Errors, omissions, interruptions in service and unexpected delays may occur at any time. Resulting, we don’t accept, any ongoing obligation or responsibility to operate this this website (or any specified part of it). 

5 Invalidity

In any case, if any part of the conditions and terms stand unenforceable (which includes part of the provision in which we exclude any liability to you) the clauses of enforceability of any other part(s) of these conditions will stand unaffected. 

6 Links 

Stafford Housing takes and places no responsibility for the losses occurring and arising from the third party links advertised on Stafford Housing website.

Stafford Housing claims no control and no responsibility in any circumstance(s), directly or indirectly affecting from the use of third party websites.

Stafford Housing claims no responsibility and takes no endorsements of third party links, which also means Stafford Housing does or does not have any affiliation and association with the proprietor of third party website(s). 

7 Governing Law 

The use of the website and the terms of conditions of and relating to this website are directly and exclusively governed by the legislation and jurisdiction of the USA. Any disputes arising with respect to the terms of conditions and your use of this website are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and legislation of the courts of USA. 

8 Regulation 

Stafford Housing PLC is regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Authority. Should there be any complaints arising, for any or some reason, please contact the available compliance officer, Wasay Khan +1-866-425-1819 or contact him at [email protected]. Other Stafford Housing group companies featured within the website are not regulated, directly or indirectly by the Financial Services Authority. 

9 Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) 

Stafford Housing takes the responsibility of its clients and contact of whom the details are retained with Stafford Housing, extremely seriously.

Stricter security measures and procedures are defined and in place for the storage and for matters involving disclosure of certain kind of personal information provided to us to prevent unauthorized access and use. 

We hold personal data of our clients on our contacts and administration database either due to the work undertaken or are currently in progress or otherwise indicated by our client of the interest and willingness in receiving material related to our business and services. Till that extent, we maintain and hold the client’s contact details and we maintain history of our relationship with the client in our databases. 

This aids us in servicing the requirements of the client in a more targeted manner relating to items specific to client, avoiding information which could be of no interest or relevancy. As mentioned and supported for their rights in the Act, the clients have the liberty to request the amendment to their personal information held with us and to stop sharing direct marketing materials.

Stafford Housing does not intend, plan to sell, rent or in any way deal in sharing personal information we hold with us, with the third parties. Although, within the domain of Stafford Housing, the data can move abiding by the privacy and security measures in check to ensure maximum security coverage to the private and confidential data. 

10. Privacy and Cookies 

Kindly refer to Stafford Housing Privacy Policy to know how Stafford Housing uses any data and information about its clients, users, customers that it receives and stores. 

The privacy policy also explains how and which cookies store the information and how you could delete and restrict those information capturing cookies.