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The Experience

The Experience

What to Expect From Corporate Housing

When sending your employees to Austin, Texas to conduct business for a lengthy span of time, there are very few housing options that compare to corporate housing Austin. Corporate housing allows your employees to have suitable accommodations for the length of time that they stay in this amazing city. Your company has quite a number of options in terms of housing as you can choose a condominium, apartment, and even a house for your employees to stay in.

Corporate housing is so popular these days because of the simple fact that they are much cheaper than staying in hotels that can cost up to more than $200 per night. Corporate housing is also much more advantageous because of the following.

It Includes furniture

Corporate housing in Texas comes complete with all of the furniture that your employees will need. They will have a television available them to watch their favorite TV shows at night before they sleep. They will also have a suitable couch to sit on while enjoying a microwave dinner. Most importantly they will have a comfortable bed to sleep on so that they get sufficient sleep.


Many times employees will have to work overtime, which means that they will most likely work from the corporate apartment that they stay in. In order to work, your employees must have access to the internet. Corporate housing Austin provides WIFI for employees to send e-mails and other important online transactions for your company. It also allows them to send you the updates that you require for your business.


The fact is that people need to eat. Corporate housing provides employees with a fully stocked kitchen so that they may cook their favorite dishes. Imagine your company’s expenditure on food if your employees regularly eat at restaurants that charge a lot for a simple cheeseburger. Your company saves a considerable amount on food especially if you give your employees a fixed budget. This will force your employees to buy food in their local grocery.


Just like hotels, corporate housing Austin offers guests many onsite amenities such as gym, pools, tennis courts, and spas. You employees will be able to use the different amenities so that they avoid having to spend extra money on a gym located elsewhere. Having all of these amenities available on site also allows your employees’ stay to much more enjoyable and memorable


One of the complications of sending your employees to conduct business in another city or state is that you never truly know how much time they will need to complete your business. Traditional hotels charge excessive money for single night’s stay. Corporate housing, on the other hand, allows your employees to stay for a maximum of 30 days. This duration allows them to complete their business without having to rush.